(Alex from AEGEE-Tilburg) If you like contrast, then the Brno SU is just for you. Workshops all day, intense games and heavy discussion will help you to practice your leadership skills. But it is not only about your leadership skills, it is also about getting to know yourself, how you behave in a group under pressure and learning what you are good at and at what not. Well that is during most days, then on the other hand you have parties with loads of delicious (and cheap!) Czech beverages where you can immediately discuss your newly gained insights in a safe and intimate environment ( Plus you really get to know yourself really well in a Workshop about emotional intelligence when you had 2 hours of sleep before). On top of that you have a super cheerful team that is taking care of you, the very laid back student town Brno and the beautiful relaxing Czech landscape to keep you entertained. If you are looking for something where you can learn about personal development in combination with fun, then I can honestly recommend this SU for you!

Alex Podkast, SU BRNO 2015 - Awake your inner lion...Become a leader!